Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring Break!...?

It's finally my college's spring break! Everyone has already had theirs so, like most of the students at CoD, our break is a late bloomer. While all the other kids are out drinking and partying and doing drugs that have more nicknames than a vagina, I'm doing other things.

List of other things:
-Watching anime online
-Making my steampunk cosplay
-Animal Crossing
-Getting heat rash from my heating pad
-Chilling with boyfriend
-Seeing my friends(?)
-Internet. Forever

Although this isn't how I expected my freshman year spring break to be, I'm honestly not that mad. I'm a boring/lazy person and I'm most comfortable in my bed. What happens into my bed (ie. boyfriend, lappy, my cat, you), I am more than happy to have join me. 

I'm big on resting and relaxing, but I also have plans for this week. Like, taking Boyfriend out on a date because I recently got paid. And going to the movies with my mom. Doing homework. Not dying. You know, normal stuff.

Some may say I'm wasting my youth. That I should be going out and partying and doing all the things teenagers do. But to that I say, "Screw you, I have the entire internet to my disposal. I'm happier than a pig in shit."

Unless y'all know of a crazy party. In which case, I can put my dance pants on faster than you can say "Dance pants on."